A manuscript evaluation, guidance and preparation service.

If you haven't had your manuscript professionally read and evaluated this is your opportunity.  It is the most important "next step" toward reaching your goal.

Whether you self-publish or present to an agent, it is vital for your manuscript to be polished and perfected.  FIRST READS is prepared to give you the expertise you need.

“Somewhere between the enthusiastic encouragement of your personal group of supporters and the business mindset of the agent or publisher, it is important to seek professional assistance. While I was a publisher, it was my experience that most manuscripts I received were simply not ready to be submitted. Recognizing the need for a more polished manuscript was the reason FIRST READS was founded."

Barbara Villasenor

“I have a great deal of respect for writers and the writing process.  I know it’s not easy to turn your “baby” over to anyone to evaluate.  But believe me, it will make a world of difference.  So, if you are seeking the objectivity we know you will need, we are the best two people to help you through this step of the creative process.”

Myra Westphall